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11 October | HOTLUCK | Gaspar Tse

"Thank you so much for purchasing tonight's dinner and for supporting this wonderful cause by OzHarvest. Your purchase not only supports OzHarvest, it also supports local businesses and growers of NSW and allows us to do what we do best.
Hope you enjoy your Bosaam packed with electric flavours from my Hotluck range!" - Chef Gaspar 



A note from Gaspar:

Bosaam traditionally consists of slow cooked pork shoulder eaten with lettuce, condiments and rice. For my version, I’ve substituted the pork with the shoulder from an ethically farmed retired dairy cow. Slow-cooked over 48 hrs, then finished off with a nice char on the grill. Served with our favourite condiments, and jasmine rice stir fried with our black garlic and mushroom XO sauce. 

Delicious Bosaam of red cooked dairy cow shoulder from Emilio’s Butcher served with condiments and all the trimmings and a mouthwatering mushroom XO fried rice and a side of spring asparagus, whipped miso & sweetcorn, ricotta salata 

Beef and Cauliflower for the Bosaam 


Preheat oven to 160C. When oven is hot, remove lid and wrap your beef loosely in foil (your cauli can stay uncovered) and reheat until just warmed through. This should take about 20 minutes.

Note about your beef

Your beef is from Emilio’s Butcher in Rozelle, a local butcher who sustainably source pasture raised and free range produce. The beef is a retired dairy cow which has a deeper flavour profile due to being grass-fed for most of it's life. The beef has been dry-aged for 3 weeks and slow-cooked for 72 hours. 

Delicious Bosaam of smoked cauliflower with Mega F*sh Sauce butter, fried scallions served with condiments and all the trimming, side of mouthwatering mushroom XO fried rice and a side of spring asparagus, whipped miso, sweetcorn & ricotta salata 

For your Cauliflower 

Heat the Mega F*sh sauce in a pan until warm and pour over cauliflower then sprinkle with fried shallots.

Note about your Mega F*sh sauce

Gaspar's take on a vegan fish sauce. Originally created to ferment kimchi, this super soy is created by infusing fermented mushrooms, spices, and kombu in white soy. Great depth and a balanced salinity makes it the perfect substitute for any recipe that calls for salt or soy sauce. 

Mushroom XO fried rice 

In a lightly oiled hot pan, heat the rice for a couple of minutes until hot. Alternatively, microwave in a covered heat proof bowl for 2 minutes.

Spring asparagus & Whipped miso, sweet corn and ricotta salata 

Gently warm corn puree in a saucepan on a low heat, in a separate pan (or use the same one that you used for the rice!) quickly sauté asparagus with a pinch of salt. Serve with corn puree and grated ricotta salata.

Eating instructions - Spoon rice and a slice of beef or cauliflower onto a lettuce wrap then add whatever condiments you like. Enjoy!

*Extra Mushroom & Black Garlic XO 

If you ordered this highly addictive, put on everything pantry item, then you are in for a treat! Hotluck's trademark XO, made from house fermented mushrooms, black garlic, leeks and traditional XO base of garlic, ginger, shallots and chilli. This addictive oil is simmered for hours to give it a real depth of flavour. An homage to the classic, but giving it a bit of a Hotluck twist with no additives and completely vegan. Try with your favourite pasta, fried rice, scrambled eggs, or stir fried greens. Ran out or missed out? Get it here.


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