Heat & Eat | Smoked Beef Rib Burger Kit

Exclusive to Harvest Bites, thank you for ordering our new 15-hour smoked Cape Grim beef rib burger kit by former Exec chef of Chin Chin, Graeme Hunt, now available weekly.

"This is something that I absolutely love eating at home and making for the family to enjoy. Also being so short on time between work and family this is a special treat you can put together for yourself for family and friends super quickly and easily . Ready in less than 10 minutes. No cooking involved, since the beef has been cooked low and slow in the smoker - it's incredibly rich and tender. All the hard work is done for you."
Chef Graeme Hunt, Happy Boy Burgers, former Exec Chef of Chin Chin.


1. Slice buns and toast under the grill under a medium heat setting sliced side up

2. Once nice and golden, place a slice of burger cheese on the top piece of your buns and place back under the grill to melt cheese

3. Gently heat the short rib beef until warmed, this should only take 5 minutes as it's already been cooked for 15-hours in the smoker! Keep your eye on this so it doesn't dry out. Alternatively, place beef in a microwave safe container with a lid (this will keep the beef moist) and heat for 2 minutes until hot

4. Assemble the burger with the hot smoked beef rib, tomato sauce, American mustard, diced onions and pickles. 

5. Dress the slaw and serve on the side 

6. Enjoy! 

This product uses wonderful Cape Grim beef from Tasmania, grass-fed giving it a marvellous rich flavour and marbling, accompanied with all the trimmings, sauces and a classic slaw. This is NOT your average cheeseburger!

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