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Bush Food Muesli | Kungkas Can Cook

“I hope I leave a legacy for the younger generation, my own family and my extended family, to be proud of who we are and our culture, to have respect for it, passed down from generation to generation, living through our grandmothers story. ” — Rayleen Brown, Founder & Owner

Rayleen Brown and Kungkas Can Cook are known throughout Australia and many parts of the world where Central Australian bush foods are increasingly receiving due recognition as unique, speciality, gourmet and delicious.

Rayleen’s insistence on using only wild harvest bush tucker sourced directly from the women who gather the food, as a way to support livelihoods and the continuation of connection to story and country, is well known and respected. Rayleen has also contributed to much research in her region around the growth and development of bush foods and their potential. Rayleen is continuing to help raise the profile of bush foods, opportunities for people on country using bush foods and wants better protection for the ecological knowledge rights of people to the food that has sustained their communities for thousands of years.

Now Kungkas Can Cook is a family business, there is always the sound of footsteps around the kitchen. The 8 grandkids ‘the grannies’ and 3 daughters and 2 sons have all worked in the kitchen at some point including work experience for school in the Kungkas kitchen. Rayleen often takes ‘the grannies’ out on country to have picnics out in the bush learning from grandma, helping the kids to get connected with the bush more than the screen. This is to help the grandkids centre on what’s real, and that’s family. It’s Rayleen’s hope that the grannies connect with the bush and being familiar with it and spend their spare time in the bush camping, fishing, hunting.

Milk Chocolate with Quangdong and Macadamia Nuts | Chocolate on Purpose®

GAWAYMBANHA! That’s 'Welcome' in the Australian Aboriginal Wiradjuri Language.

Chocolate On Purpose® is a 100% Indigenous Australian owned business.

Our expert training, integrity & sustainability is the strength that flavours our creations!

Our Vision is to educate the world on the health-giving power of Australian Indigenous plants & wisdom of our Elders in their use.

Our Mission is contribute to Reconciliation, and the protection & promotion of Australia’s First Nations People, by creating chocolicious connection and learning... one taste bud at a time.

Chocolate on Purpose® actively supports Aboriginal Sustainable Farming by sourcing our Indigenous Australian Fruit & Nuts - Bush Foods - from First Nations Communities around Australia.

Chocolate on Purpose® is a proud Aboriginal Australian owned business creating handmade chocolate out of Millthorpe, a heritage listed town in the Central West of NSW.

This area of NSW has developed a reputation as a premier gourmet food district and the Chocolate on Purpose® innovative & unique chocolate products sit proudly among the award winning food & wine produce of this area.

Our premier chocolate range is “Bush Food Chocolate®”, a rustic fusion of the finest Belgian chocolate and the best of Australian native fruits & nuts aka “Bush Food”.

We create Artisan, Hand Made chocolate combinations using Bush Food such as Daalgaal (Illawarra Plum), Garal (Wattleseed), Boombera (Macadamia Nut) and Wyrrung (Wild Rosella) and many others.

Our Mission is to inspire and nurture everyone with Purposeful Chocolate Creations- one taste bud at a time!

Chocolate On Purpose® is the dream of Fiona, a proud Wiradjuri Aboriginal Woman on her journey back home to connect with her mob. A journey which inspired “Bush Food Chocolate®”... created With Love by Fiona & her Chocolicious Buddy, Jo.

Rose Petal Jam | Boon Luck Organic Farm & Boon Café 

Boon Luck Farmstead growing delicious heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables. 
Boon Luck Farm, Certified Organic by the Australian Chemical Free Growers Association. Growing delicious heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables
On her farm, Palisa Anderson has gone from enthusiastic gardener — someone who plants out whatever patch of soil they can sink their hands into, wherever they happen to be living — to fully fledged market gardener with 46 hectares in the Byron Bay hinterland.
Palisa's desire to grow food seriously first took hold six years ago when she replaced her camellias and roses with fruit trees and ripped up the lawn to install a chicken run in the garden of the Sydney duplex she shares with husband Matt, their children Soraya, nine, and Arthur, eight.
Madame Earl Grey | The Berry Tea Shop 
The Berry Tea Shop opened its doors in June 2010 and was created by husband and wife team, Cliff and Paulina Collier.  Between them they have over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry and have drunk thousands of cups of tea.

Moving to Berry from inner-city Sydney, Cliff and Paulina left their stressed-out city lifestyle behind to find some peace and quiet in the country. 

Lured by the rolling green hills, that reminded Cliff of his homeland of England, they sold their busy cafe in Woolloomooloo and made the life-changing move.  

As they began to slow down into country life and take stock of their lives, the idea of opening a little tea shop evolved. The Berry Tea Shop celebrates their love of all things tea and the very British tradition of sitting down to a good cuppa (preferably with a nice bit of cake!)

However, don't be fooled by Cliff and Paulina's warm and friendly demeanor, these two are seriously professional and passionate people when it comes to tea.  Their focus is on quality and service and providing a wonderful experience for their customers.

They have been thrilled by the response to their store and have built a loyal following from tea lovers, young and old.

A Repurposed Life Memoir | Ronni Kahn AO

As the owner of a successful events company, throwing away huge volumes of leftover food at the end of the day came with the territory. But when Ronni Kahn hit midlife, she found herself no longer able to turn a blind eye to her food waste problem. Hand delivering the untouched food to homeless shelters around Sydney became her renegade solution. Little did she know that fixing her small problem at work would lead her to unlock a hidden purpose at the very core of her inner life.

Now founder and CEO of the food rescue organisation OzHarvest, Ronni leads hundreds of staff and thousands of volunteers with the goal to nourish Australia. She serves in an advisory capacity to government and is an instrumental leader in changing federal laws to improve social justice and environmental policies.

A Repurposed Life is the story of how Ronni found her voice, her heart and her deepest calling. From her early years growing up under the brutal system of apartheid South Africa, to a socialist commune in Israel, Ronni finally settled in Australia to discover a profound new way of living. Shared with the humour, warmth and energy that have made her an internationally renowned keynote speaker, this heartfelt exploration of the choices that define us will speak to anyone seeking a more passionate expression of being alive.