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Moon Mart is the brain child of Eun Hee An, former chef-owner of highly regarded Sydney restaurants Moon Park and Paper Bird. 

Eun has created a premium range of hand made, artisanal products inspired by the food cultures of Asia. A delicious range that is unique in its flavour profile while remaining respectful to the traditional techniques and recipes they are inspired by. All of Eun's items are small batch and locally made.

XO Sauce (GF)

XO sauce is a savoury & spicy condiment originating from Hong Kong. Some of the most highly prized ingredients in Chinese cooking; ham, dried prawns and dried scallops are cooked down with chilli, shallots and spices to create this singular sauce. Make an XO fried rice, fry it with your favourite vegetables or make a lobster XO pasta - the options are endless, get creative, this is a pantry staple!

Vegan XO Sauce (GF)

It's like the OG but vegan! Moon Mart's vegan XO is a blend of traditional dried vegetable ingredients inspired by the technique behind XO sauce. Salty, spicy, savoury and crispy texture, this condiment is an animal free way to increase the flavour of any meal. Use as you would like the traditional XO. 

Yuzu Jalapeno Pickles

Jangajji is a traditional Korean pickle technique using soy sauce. Eun's added yuzu juice to give it a burst of flavour and some vibrancy.

Have it as a side to BBQ/grilled meats, toss it through a salad or Eun highly recommends adding it to a cheese toastie. 

Burnt Honey Teriyaki 

Everyone loves teriyaki sauce! This Japanese sauce is the perfect balance of salty and sweet. Moon Mart's teriyaki sauce is distinguished by its use of caramelised honey to create a richer, more complex flavour. Use it as a marinade or glaze on meat, fish or vegetables.

Chongqing Popcorn

Once you start, you won't be able to stop! Inspired by China’s famous Sichuan Chongqing Chicken! Sweet, salty and buttery popcorn flavoured with peanut, chilli and spice... Gluten free. Contains peanuts and dairy.

Want more recipe ideas? Check out Eun's suggestions here. 

How It Works.

1. Order your meal

Each week, place your orders before the cut-off timings and have your meal delivered directly to your door. Choose from our range of weekly meals, fruit and veg boxes and pantry products

2. Meals made with love

Our hospitality partners and OzHarvest Ambassador Chefs will prepare your meals, with quality produce sourced from small-scale growers, suppliers and producers directly supporting our local food industry. 

3. Delivered to your door

On delivery day, a delicious meal will be delivered* to your door with profits directly supporting OzHarvest's work in food relief to help feed people in need. *Delivering to limited postcodes in Sydney only